Basic Concept of PHi Mixing

PHi’s Mixing technology uses the concept of Hydro-Pulses to mix liquids.  A Hydro-Pulse is a sequential injection of compressed air into a tank of liquids.  The mixing phenomenon is best explained in the report from Dr. William Arnold dated June 26, 2006.

Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

PHi’s mixing technology uses compressed air for mixing a tank’s contents but does not add measurable DO.

It seems counterintuitive that introducing air into the tank would not increase DO. However, there are sound scientific reasons that prove the PHi mixing technology does not increase oxygen levels. Actual independent test results also show PHi does not add DO in anoxic mixing.

The GSEE oxygen transfer test can be viewed below. Specifically, see page 13, column 4.

An eight month test of mixing an anoxic basin for New York City provides scientifically measured testing and analysis, confirming that the PHi system does not add DO.

View the NYC Final Report (PDF)

View Dr. Arnold’s CFD Analysis Report (PDF)

GSEE Aeration Report (PDF)