Castle Rock, Colorado

Mix a 37’ x 17’ lift station with an attached 12’ x 17’ lift station.

More Information: Castle Rock, CO Project Overview (PDF)

Monroe, Wisconsin

Mix a 130’ diameter EQ tank with an average of 14’ operating depth that contains cheese processing waste.

More information: Monroe, WI Project Overview

Reading, Pennsylvania

Mix a 15,000,000 gallon water reservoir (300’ diameter) to maintain equal temperature and chlorine residual throughout the reservoir.

More information: Reading, PA Project Overview

Indianapolis, Indiana

Maintain solids in suspension to prevent build-up in grit removal system for a dry weather flow of 70 MGD.

More information: Southport, IN AWT Project Overview

Tiffin, Ohio

Mix three 25’ x 16’ x 18’ anoxic basins.

More information: Tiffin, OH Project Overview