PHi Hydro-Pulse Mixing Technology

Pulsed Hydraulics’ Mixing technology Hydro-Pulses compressed air through 316 stainless steel forming plates on the bottom of the tank, forming very large bubbles that rise at 4 feet per second to the surface. As they rise, the drag tank contents with them.

When the bubbles break the surface and exit to the atmosphere, the tank contents move horizontally until they meet a tank wall, or meet a wave of contents coming from another forming plate bubble. The contents move down until they hit the tank bottom, where they move sideways to the forming plate which results in a circular mixing action in the tank.

The PHi mixing system is not like diffuser or coarse-air mixers, which use a continuous stream of air.

The Hydro-Pulses are released 2-4 times per minute depending on the mixing application. Each pulse is approximately 3 cubic feet in size.  Both the pulse times and sizes are adjustable. This allows PHi to use the minimum amount of energy necessary to keep solids in suspension.